We’re all pretty friendly, and are hanging on our Telegram/irc/RIOT/Matrix channels (there is a bridge between all of them.). You can also follow us on twitter if you want, or if you’re desperate, you can try to email pancake, the creator of radare2.

If you’ve never touched radare2 before, you can play with our web interface, or install it on your system. If you found a bug, please do open an issue on our github repository.

If you’re a student, you might want to contribute to the project with the Google Summer of Code.

Every year since 2016 (it was the 10th birthday of radare), we’re all going to the r2con, a small congress held in Barcelona, with workshops, trainings and talks, all about radare2. You’re of course more than welcome here.

If you, your ctf team, your company, or even your dog is using radare2, we would be happy yo add you to our list of users.